A2 Pe Coursework Life Plan

Due to this, I will be reducing the weights from 30kg to 15kg.I will not be changing any other weights as they are not too heavy and I do not want to rush into trying to carry heavier weights than my body can handle.Week 1 In the first week of this action plan the striker should first do some basic heading drills before trying to do more advance heading skills.The drills involve jumping headers which are basically jumping for the ball in the air as if you were going up in the air for a challenge, punch headers which are just fast bullet headers which involves a lot of power and acceleration in the neck.To head this ball he should use some of the techniques that he had done doing the drills depending were the ball will be.

This will enable me to receive the ball; I will need to be able to move my body into the right positions so I am able to shoot accurately and in one complete action. Middle I was feeling pain in my arms; biceps, triceps and in my pectorals.

I have decide to train these two aspects out of all the Health and Skill related Fitness principles as I believe improving them will have a positive impact on my performance in Netball.

These two aspects will not be too difficult to train, as they do not require a large amount of specialised equipment, as I will be able to find them all at Fitness First.

* 20 minutes stretching, supported with a partner for extra support, pressure and help.

* Cool Down: 5 minutes cardio vascular to gently cool down the muscles and get rid of lactic acid, fully stretching and mobilising joints.

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