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Since 2005, we have had two gold medal winners, three silver medal winners, two bronze medal winners and three honorable mentions.We also award prizes for winners at each level from Rutgers.In this year's contest, there were 1,434 essays submitted from 68 universities, colleges, and institutions around the nations. Lisbeth Cespedes, Bronze Medal (A1 level) Non-Heritage level 102 1Amalia Pederson, Honorable Mention (Category A, Level)Samuel Vasilyev, Honorable Mention (Category C, Level 2)Rachel Kandyba, Honorable Mention (Category C, Level 2) Non-heritage level 102 1st Place: Jean-William Mackler2nd Place: Devon O’Connor3rd Place: Rebecca Riegger Non-heritage level 2021st Place: Jill Krutyansky2nd Place: Kaleigh Sisco3rd Place: Aleksandra Rebenko Heritage level 2081st Place: Arkady Shapir2nd Place: Alina Rimmer Honorable Mention: Samuel Vasiliyev Level 3021st Place: Sean Olejar Level 4041st Place: Yana Kamishilina2nd Place: Valeriya Timoshenko Honorable Mention: Anastasiia Maksimova Non-heritage level 102, section 021st Place: Gregory Melillo2nd Place: Erik Fountain3rd Place: Matthew Romero Non-heritage level 102, section 031st Place: Andre Pereldik2nd Place: Andres Escobar3rd Place: Brenna Yellin Honorable Mention: Haleigh Hamrick Non-heritage level 2021st Place: Marisa Gallicchio2nd Place: Dezzie Ligon III3rd Place: Cordelia Turner Honorable Mention: Bogdana Bartkiv Heritage level 2081st Place: Liliya Bondarenko Level 4021st Place: Mar Nikiforova2nd Place: Valeriya Timoshenko3rd Place: Margarita Brown In this year's contest, there were 1,415 essays submitted from 79 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation.Non-Heritage Level 1021st Place: Timothy Hartmann2nd Place: Nicholas Sun3rd Place: Olympia Christofinis Honorable Mention: Philip Wythe Non-Heritage Level 2021st Place: Raul Aguilar2nd Place: Tristan Kernan3rd Place: Anthony Arias-Amaya Heritage Level 2081st Place: Margarita Brown2nd Place: Marina Shayevich3rd Place: Irada Yunusova Level 302/4021st Place: Iulia Bardareanu2nd Place: Dmitry Styrkas3rd Place: Tatiana Bereznikova Honorable Mention: Kirill Abramov Second Place (Heritage Learners, Level 1) Anna Volski Third Place (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 1) Jason Kancylarz Honorable Mention (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 1) Raul Aguilar In this year's national contest, there were 946 essays submitted from 57 universities and colleges.Best Essay Heritage Anna Volski Non-heritage Level 1021st place Raul Aguilar2nd place Jessica Ackerman and Tristan Kernan3rd place David Gifford Honorable Mention: Lyutsiya Yokobchuk Non-Heritage Level 2021st place Jason Kancylarz2nd place Carolyn Czarnecki3rd place Mel Bandler Heritage Level 1081st place Irada Yunusova2nd place Mikhail Fishbeyn and Andrey Volfson3rd place Anne Kavalerchik Heritage Level 2081st place Danielle Levin2nd place Daniel Nazarenko3rd place Dina Finkel Level 3021st place Amanda Goen2nd place Solomiya Stebelska3rd place Daria Napolina Honorable Mention (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 3) Kyle S Barry First Place (Non-Heritage Learners, Level 2) Giselle Hsu and Solomiya Stebelska Second Place (Heritage Learners, Level 1) Maryna Sidykh In this year's contest, there were 1,057 essays submitted from 48 universities and colleges.Did you know our Russian Area Studies program in St. Now you’re probably wondering why this program has such staying..reading Russia is a huge, multicultural nation whose history reaches back into a past that can only be accessed through constant familiarization with the soul of the nation.In the endless variety of tastes and circumstances that di- versify esway, they were about to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not permit this. Exclusive to JLD members: It can be followed by Management Course Stage Two, which covers further skills required by the law firm manager.Na de verwoestingen van de Duitse bezetting, ontstond er voorzichtig een naoorlogs Nederlands joods leven dat zich weer een plaats in de Nederlandse samenleving heeft verworven. As well as the effect upon access to justice, the implications of the government cuts could have catastrophic effects on the profession and thus on junior lawyers.Intern Selection Criteria Ratings are summed across domains. Whether you are a criminal practitioner or not, we encourage you all to sign the petition against the cuts and write to your MP.Share your thoughts on the debate in our online poll. Membership of the JLD is free and automatic for those who fall within the JLD membership remit, including LPC students and paralegals who are registered with the SRA , trainees and solicitors with up to five years’ post-qualification experience.

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