American Airline Seat Assignment

If Europe is your destination, your first checked bag will cost .

Your second bag will cost 0 and a third will cost 0.

If you’re flying within the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, you can pay to select your seat up to 48 hours before departure.

If you’re flying to or from Europe, you can pay at the time of your booking.

This benefit even extends to 4 travel companions on your reservation.

If you have the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite TM Mastercard® this benefit extends to 8 travel companions on your reservation.

While you can’t beat them all with a co-branded card, you can save on your bags on domestic flights.

Paying to select your seat does not include any additional fees for desirable seats such as exit rows or the bulkhead.

You will still have to pay that seat cost on top of the seat selection fee.

Not only will you have to pay the checked bag fee, you’ll also owe an extra gate fee, so be sure your bag fits. and the Caribbean, your first checked bag will cost .

Of course, if you want to check a bag, that will also cost you. A second bag will cost and 3 bags will cost 0.

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