An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Literary Analysis Essay Atticus Finch College Essay

On the other hand, naturalism is an element of writing style, which lacks any form of artificiality.

Alluded from the word ‘nature’ literal naturalism promotes humanity, justice, morality, and lets nature to take its course.

Part III: The plank on which Farquhar is standing is removed.

Realism is a form of writing style whereby the author uses his experience or observations in his/her contemporary times to compose a story, poem or any other form of literature.

Most of the realistic literature materials encompass actual events, genuine observations and absolute truth.

Refresh your memory with this summary: Part I: The story begins at…you guessed it…Owl Creek Bridge, a pleasant sounding name for a bridge.

Peyton Farquhar thinks of many things as he stands on this bridge, with hands behind his back, wrists bound with cords, as he stares at the water 20 feet below, with a noose around his neck.

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