Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Essay

Warhol's parents lived in a ghetto during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

At the time, Pittsburgh was a steel industry city, where his father was a miner.

Therefore, it is not surprising that his mother became his greatest influence, both in his life and career.

To entertain him, his mother would give to Andy magazines with movie stars, asking him to draw them and make collages.

He also made films, managed a band called The Velvet Underground and founded a cultural meeting place in New York City (the famous Silver Factory).

With Minimalism, we see the final explorations of the possibilities of strict geometric and non-representational abstraction that here harnesses the space beyond the gallery’s wall or sculptural pedestal to re-define the boundaries of art beyond the two and three-dimensional.

What follows these two styles in the 1970s is called Post-Modern because it comes after modernism and uses the visual languages of modernism as seen in the various art styles we have studied but in different ways or for different reasons.

Pop Art Read introductory essay about Pop art on – LINK: Pop Art essay on Khan Academy: LINK: https:// Then, on menu on far left, watch two videos and read one essay about the three artworks by Andy Warhol in the vertical menu after this introduction. Warhol’s – LINK: https:// Minimalism Read essay about Minimalism on – LINK: click on ‘Minimalism Artworks in Focus’ inside blue text box and read about the first five artworks through Donald Judd’s .

Still, as a consequence of the disease and the physical aftermath of his appearance, Warhol was forced to stop attending school, where he was bullied.

Thus, for a long period of his life he was restricted to the kitchen and to his mother's company.

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