Ap Us History Imperialism Essay

This is a prime example of how incidents in Latin American countries forced presidents to act rapidly and without much thought, causing America to form a bold and aggressive foreign policy.

Prior to strengthening her navy, the United States had difficulty in expanding, so countries such as Britain, Germany and Russia were left to split the globe amongst themselves (Document A).

And by failing to teach the Cold War as imperialism, we also miss an opportunity to highlight the resistance that was at its heart: Many of the movements the United States deemed “communist” — and therefore eligible for elimination — were anti-colonial efforts to take back land, resources, and power from ruling elites.

Students should learn about Arbenz’s land reform program as a popular attempt to redraw lines of wealth and landownership in Guatemala.

Due to the aforementioned factors, imperialism played a pivotal role in shaping American foreign Intervention in Latin America, mainly Cuba, also led to the Spanish-American War.

When the American naval ship, the USS Maine, exploded in the Havana Harbor, President Mc Kinley immediately decided to go to war after being labeled a coward by yellow journalists.

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