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Slavery and the issues surrounding it make people betray, hurt, and kill one another and this is the image Aphra Behn wants to leave with her readers—two beautiful people dead because of the institution of slavery.For this essay, find examples and conclude with an overall statement about the ways Behn seeks to change the minds of her readers.For a challenge, consider this in the context of essay topic #2 and the meaning of her being a “reliable" narrator.** Note **If you are writing a comparison essay, there are a number of possibilities since many texts, some of which aren’t even from the seventeenth century, have similar themes.You could offer details about Behn herself (she was the first real woman novelist—and really had to “stand up" to her male counterparts) or you could look at the effect this has on the narrative as a whole.

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For this essay, consider why it might have been so important to have a credible and reliable narrator.Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #2: An Analysis of Narration in Oroonoko Part of what makes Aphra Behn’s style so unique is her repeated insistence that everything she has written down has credibility and is valid.She goes out of her way to convince the reader that what she’s saying is true and says that she knows the parties involved and was a witness to the events.In the 17th century a writer named Aphra Behn emerged as leader in English literature.With a shaky beginning, Behn persevered to become the first female professional writer.Rereading Aphra Behn: History, Theory, and Criticism. “Trying to frame the unframable: Oroonoko as discourse in Aphra Behn's Onoonoko.” Studies in Short Fiction 34.1 (1997), 105-111Pacheco, Anita.Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1993Link, Frederick M. “Royalism and honor in Aphra Behn's Oroonoko.” Studies in English Literature (Rice) 34.3 (1994), 491-506 Chernaik, Warren.These, along with the above essay ideas and important quotes from Oroonoko will at least get you started.Quotes Section is Under Construction Today Ortiz, Joseph M.All of these references can be found through most research databases at university and other libraries and many can be also be found in print as well.Some of these apply to the essay prompts above while others offer radically different ways of thinking about the text.

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