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No building owner will naturally ventilate his building if outside air temperature or humidity levels are unacceptable for indoor comfort conditions.

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The aim of this research is to deepen the understanding of NV to allow for better modeling in airflow network tools used in building energy modeling software to more confidently predict the energy and cost savings of a hybrid ventilation system. Spindler (Mechanical Engineering)Advisor: Les Norford The majority of commercial buildings today are designed to be mechanically cooled.

One strategy for decreasing this energy consumption is to use natural ventilation (NV), a passive cooling and ventilating technique that utilizes natural forces like wind or buoyancy differences to bring outside air into the building.

A fundamental limitation of NV is the required climate.

Lack of data regarding building apertures precluded the use of the model for control purposes.

An additional contribution was the development of a procedure for extracting building time constants from experimental data in such a way that they are constrained to be physically meaningful.

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