Arguments For And Against Abortion Essay

While such distinctions may abridge the argument from potentiality, they nevertheless fail to provide direct justification for extending rights to non-sentient beings.Nevertheless, a plausible basis exists for questioning even the sentience criterion.Such would also be the case for the less gifted and even the marginally retarded.Once more by the universalizability criterion, we should extend moral considerability to cases of potentiality, with greater weight assigned to more probable potentialities.If we observe the above argument, then infants, the mentally deficient, and the severely disabled neither possess nor ever could possess rights.

This view, however, raises several major objections.

Loose guidelines may be prescribed to determine, given isolated variables or smaller clusters of variables, which rights should take precedence in which conditions.

Such guidelines will all factor into the moral calculus of the decision of whether or not to abort.

To this extent, pro-life advocates must broaden the criteria for moral considerability to include “potential” persons, or, more generally, potentially sentient beings.

Pro-choice advocates may object to the argument from potentiality on the grounds that what a thing is and what a thing can be are importantly and logically distinct.

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