Art Of Problem Solving Mathcounts

We had a great time a few weeks ago with volunteers from the @Pw CUS Tysons Office—including some MATHCOUNTS alumni—who helped us review problems for this year's School Handbook!

We’re grateful for the @Pw C Charitable Foundation's support through the Reimagine Grant.

#moonshot "Part of this effect is probably attributable to the misconception that a student can be a math person or a verbal person, but not both." The Math Video Challenge aims to reverse this thinking with a project that allows students to work on both skill sets. Carol Spice shares how she opens her ⁦@MATHCOUNTS⁩ club to all students. It’s not just a competition, but also a resource for teachers such as their problems if the week.

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What are the "moonshot" ideas that will bring us into the future? Our hearts are pounding rewatching it even though we know how it ends 😶 Did you know Baltimore Ravens player John Urschel is a MATHCOUNTS alumnus?

After his football career, he has a different goal these days: "to focus on mathematics and quietly try to do good things to inspire young people with respect to math."…

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Buses have permission to park anywhere along Skipper Bowles (on the street) for free for the day. 14 competition will qualify for the State Math Counts finals on (date TBD) at the North Carolina School of Science and Math.

@Do DInnovation #Do DInnovates… MATHCOUNTS is a national math enrichment program for middle school students.

In our Competition Series program, students compete against and alongside their peers at the school, local, state and national levels. We first met as head-to-head adversaries at @MATHCOUNTS National Competition Countdown Round in this city 23yr ago (David won the match), became friends when we went to same college.

After parking the bus, you will have a 15 – 20 minute walk to the Carolina Union. Where can I get more information about Math Counts?

You could walk this with your students if you want to keep them with you. Sixteen students will participate in the Countdown Round. Please see the national Math Counts website for general information.

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