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The man who has been there for all my ups and my downs had just walked away. The student decided to write about her parent’s divorce and how that shaped who she is.

The takeaway here is how she doesn’t write very much about the divorce itself.

You’d be directly speaking to who you are and what that identity represents.

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There are many students who have written about their family heritage and students who have talked about the impact of their parent’s divorce.

While it’s true that these are very common background topics, your experience and how it impacted you is still unique to you.

It can seem like such an arbitrary choice: talking about one particular moment or one specific extracurricular activity when you’ve had so many more experiences.

In fact, how do you even quantify which experience is more important than another? If you had one story you could tell that would let someone know who you are, what would that story be?

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