Beyond Feelings A Guide To Critical Thinking Pdf

10) Are interested in other people's ideas, so are willing to read and listen attentively, even when they tend to disagree with the other person.

11) Recognize the extreme views are seldom correct, so they avoid them, practice fair-mindedness, and seek a balanced view.

If I do so, I'll be a little closer to the truth."5.

Knowing involves having the right answer and the realization that you have it.6.

Some guidelines that can help someone to achieve individuality: 1) Treat your first reaction to any person, issue, or situation as tentative, and refuse to embrace it until after you have examined it. If possible, determine what specific experiences conditioned you to react this way. 4) Ask yourself whether one of other reactions is more appropriate than your first reaction.3.

Finally it give some tips on how to overcome our intellectual weakness and some techniques about how to become a critical thinker.4) Being able to support beliefs with reasons that are good and sufficient.5) Make wise decisions, regardless of how common those decision are.In the following part of this article, I will summarize the important viewpoint of this book, order by the occurrence sequence of the chapters.1.Individuality must be the habit of developing your own personal responses to people, issues, and situations, rather than mindlessly endorsing the responses you have been conditioned to make.2.Designed to reduce mistakes, build better writing habits and transform okay papers into stellar ones - with bartleby write, you can submit your papers with confidence.Get access to plagiarism protection, grammar and spelling checks, preliminary scoring and citation assistance for only .99/month.12) Practice restraint, controlling their feelings rather than being controlled by them, and thinking before acting.4."I know I've got limitations and can easily be mistaken.Three mental processes that are sometimes confused with knowing are assuming, guessing, and apeculating.Yet they are quite different: 1) Assuming is taking something for granted - that is, unconsciously holding an idea about something without trying to verify it, sometimes being unaware we have the ides.

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