Block Quotes In A Research Paper 1984 Essays Totalitarianism

Quotations as well as dialogue are very powerful components of any piece of writing.Using quotations to share authoritative or expert advice and commentary can not only improve reader comprehension but also add a valuable perspective or view on a topic.

But in the event that it is a pretty long then the source information should be enclosed in parenthesis, and include (1) the author's name (2) publication year (3) and page number.*Another option for in-text referencing is the endnote.

is a very popular format requested by many teachers and publishers.

It is often used for English literature, history, art etc.

A block quotation is considered to be one that is at least 2 or more sentences long as well as taking up at least 3 or more lines.

These quotes should be single-spaced and indented 4 spaces from the left margin.

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