Brooklyn Cop By Norman Maccaig Essay Business Plan For A Hotel

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Sometimes this makes you wonder if the limits of your world are created by the language you use to describe it.

In ‘A Man in My Position’ Mac Caig says that the words he uses are occasionally not spoken by him, but by someone in his ‘position’.

He is also a poet of praise and lament – two of the great traditional forms of Gaelic poetry. Essentially it is to do with restraint and balance, a controlled expression of feeling that can literally be heard in the tone of his voice.

His praise poems have the great virtues of wit, humour and sympathy, while his elegies are among the most moving ever written, composed with minimal resources. The conversational tone of a poem like ‘Feeding Ducks’ conceals a precisely patterned rhyme-scheme and that blend of pattern and seemingly thoughtless fluency is part of the poem’s subject.

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