Business Continuity Plan It Can You Use You In A Research Paper

Include the following information in your list: Use the Action Plan Template for Critical Suppliers (DOC) to list essential information on your key suppliers.

The information should be the same as that described for Key Customers, above.

Being proactive in contacting important customers can go a long way in mitigating losses.

Use the Action Plan Template for Key Customers (DOC) to list customers who would need and expect personal notification from you, or who would be offended or take their business elsewhere if they were not contacted.

You should also ensure that this "emergency manager" has the authority to get things done.

Jeho cílem je co nejrychlejší a nejhladší návrat do normálního stavu.

Try to identify any special requirements necessary to perform the essential services/functions (for example, license to operate heavy machinery).

You may also wish to prepare a list of special tasks and skills required in emergency situations and assign them to appropriate employees, e.g.

As you begin discussions, you may find that you have existing resources that you can use to extract information about essential services in your organization (e.g., pandemic influenza plans, Y2K plan, etc.) This will help you create your list of essential services by department or business unit.

You then need to rate the degree to which it will negatively impact the various key areas such as financial, employees, customers etc.

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