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Based on the overall strategy of the NSDS, operational objectives are linked to the main areas of intervention An action plan should be created for each area of intervention, with a clear identification of the tasks that have to be undertaken to deliver the desired outputs and to achieve the strategy.Action Plans will refer to capacity areas of the NSS to which the operational objectives are related: political and technical governance (management), human resources, physical and statistical infrastructure, funding, statistical policies, processes and partnerships.In order to prepare a detailed activity plan, the following should be considered: Once the activities for the period of the NSDS are defined, you need to translate them into annual action plans, with a detailed work programme and the respective budget.The work programme should be underpinned by a budget, to control operations and results.

In order not to discourage the preparation team, a precise action plan should be available for the first implementation year of the NSDS.

The definition of a strategy, reflecting the vision prevailing among the stakeholders, is not sufficient to implement the strategy.

The implementation of a strategy starts with its objectives.

The action plans should be organised along the strategic objectives, outcomes and outputs which will be achieved.

They should include a budget, a financing plan and a M&E process (see ESSENCIAL STEPS).

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