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Your mission statement has to set you apart from other blogs and businesses and show practical ways on how you will accomplish your overall vision. This is a rather difficult task, to begin with, and it’s ok to create an idea for now and then come back to this section once your blog starts to take shape. As you grow, it will be easier and easier to understand who your target audience is and you will be able to focus on a smaller segment of people than just a generalised idea.So ask yourself, how will you achieve your vision during your daily operations? For now, it’s important to write down who is your ideal target audience. I can’t stress, however, the importance of understanding your target audience.So let’s create a persona based on some of the above.Laura, 31, from the UK, is interested in yoga and fitness and started looking into the link between antioxidants and prolonged health.Tell the world how you are planning on achieving your purpose for your blog.The mission is there to deliver results and impact, it’s your strategy. Why will they consume your product (in this case your writings)?By knowing your audience, you know exactly who's problem you are trying to solve and you understand what solution they need. Let me give you an example and guide you step by step on how to create “a persona is a representation of a particular audience segment for a website/product/service you are designing, based on various types of qualitative and quantitative research. Essentially you want to target an ideal audience who actually has a use for your product.

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Without further delay, let’s dive in and find out what should your business plan contain.

For example, when you consider a new idea, blog post, brand request or opportunity, you can check out your blog business plan and ensure everything is in line with your ULTIMATE GOALS. You need to decide on your end goals, what is the purpose of the blog and what is the short and long term business vision.

Consult your blog business plan at least once a month.

The purpose is there to guide and tell you why you do what you do.

In your case, tell people why you want to blog about your chosen niche.

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