Capstone Design Project

Senior capstone design courses provide engineering students in their senior year an opportunity to collaborate on team projects sponsored by industry and apply their knowledge and skills in developing a design solution that meets the design requirements of the sponsor.

Students form work teams of two students each and both are required to visit the project site.Sponsors are strongly encouraged to be aware of and supportive of design details, along with their associated prototyping costs as the project progresses. In addition to covering actual expenses, we request that sponsors provide a tax-deductible donation to the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department through the MSU Foundation, Account #91752.Donation amounts vary by sponsor and by project, about 00 per project is suggested.Project management skills and interpersonal communication skills are developed and exercised throughout the duration of each project.Every ME and MET student gains this experience since “Capstone” is a mandatory course sequence for all ME and MET students at MSU.ME and MET Senior students may begin their 2-term capstone sequence either in the Fall term (with completion Spring Semester), or they can begin in Spring term (with completion in the Fall).Project proposal documents must be received by the capstone course instructor for a Spring start.Sponsoring a Senior Design Project at MSU begins with a problem you need solved or a challenge pertinent to your organization.Referring to these guidelines, you will formulate a brief written project description.Depending on the character of the project, it is possible and often desirable to form interdisciplinary teams that include students from Electrical Engineering, Physics, Architecture, Business, etc.Team progress is monitored by a faculty advisor or advisors assigned to mentor each group, and by the course instructor(s) who help to guide groups to a successful design.

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