Case Study Advanced Database Management System Quality Child Care Essay

Data Stax customers and Apache Cassandra™ users are doing some pretty amazing things with big data.

They’re breaking new ground in entertainment, healthcare, online retail, data storage, media, finance, cloud services, social media, open source software and many other exciting fields. Microsoft is improving the Office 365 experience for millions of customers with Data Stax Enterprise on Azure.

View case study The main problem we are trying to resolve is the integration of information that is captured and stored in different systems.

Team Desk save our organisation valuable time and money.

The client is a renowned tour organizing company with offices its offices located at England and Wales.

It aggregates holiday itineraries from plenty of associated operators.

The client approached DEO for the same reason and asked to refer the tour operators' websites for updating database, which had 22 fields altogether: 20 fields with multiple choices and 2 text fields.

The project wasn't complex, but it required to be handled tactfully.

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