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Now these finding have proven that the milk chocolate is not as powerful with all these benefits as the dark chocolate is, but they are still there.Also the milk chocolates are of course higher in the calories, because of the fats from the sugar, and cream that are used to produce milk chocolate (Real on the favorable side also noted that professional athletes drink chocolate milk and promote it.In discussion, it was clear that they were unaware of the potential financial gain associated with endorsements.As you probably know by now, I’m a mom to two wonderful boys and while I enjoy implementing healthy eating at home, it’s also important to me that they have healthy options at school too. Just before the holidays (a time where sweets are a plenty), an important sugar-related topic was discussed at one of our local elementary schools where 5 graders held an informative debate. This seemingly simple question has sparked a lot of controversy in recent years.

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The goal of the debate was really to learn about the process of debating, but the students clearly embraced the topic of chocolate milk.

The actual flavor compounds found in dark chocolate exceed those of red wine, and detecting all these notes can be an extremely fun and educational endeavor (

It’s certainly a beverage that can be enjoyed in moderation, but true, if kids have the option between regular milk and chocolate milk every day, guess which one they’re going to pick?

Their research was excellent and both sides cited studies.

However, the side in favor of chocolate milk’s data came from what I would consider biased sources, like the Dairy industry and local Dairy Council.

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