Coal Business Plan

Right away, they, along with additional key personnel such as Engineering Manager Matt Guptill and Maintenance Manager Russ Noble began strategizing how to increase tonnage at the Decker, Mont., mine.

“Everything was assessed – our practices to uncover the coal seams, haul distances and more,” recalled Griffith, who built a scale model of the mine’s new layout in Decker’s office/shop and uses it for training purposes.

The final product leaves the mine for its next destination via a unit train made up of 110 to 125 cars, each containing roughly 100 tons of coal.

Coal Business Plan-61Coal Business Plan-61

When complete, the Millennium Bulk Terminal will receive shipments from Decker as well as the Black Butte Mine, another thermal coal site in Wyoming that Lighthouse owns.

Our plan at Decker Coal Company is to continue to ramp up to targeted full production, which, in our estimation, is approximately 12 million tons annually.

3, company officials say, but Santee Cooper plans to ultimately abandon coal entirely.

“The strategy even before we got here was to move more material overseas,” Wolff reported.

“Securing the Millennium Bulk Terminal fits into that.

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