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Not much is going to turn people away from your shop than you being out of the issue that they're looking for the day it comes out. I'm taking all the constants and putting them together.Look at this as a BUSINESS, which it seems like you have down. Order enough stock to fill your customers wants and needs. Defiantly customer service is one of the biggest things as well as sizing out the market.The option to buy them is also on the table of course. It's hard with dvds because someone could go to, say a target or walmart where the dvds would be much cheaper than in a [email protected] Star Superman Why doesn't Batman sell well?Or are you saying that because you like Superman over Batman? Something to draw people is important, especially if you're going to be a shop that isn't just comics.People who come into the store looking to pick something up for the first time, or looking for something specific, will be pretty likely to pick up a trade of the beginning of a run.Make sure you don't over order, but also don't under order.The trial judge held that the comments did not prevent a fair trial from occurring. Do you think such comments are sufficient to require a new trial, or must a juror’s bias be discovered during voir dire for it to matter? : D Just curious if I can get some advice from people who might know. I have 3 other partners, a business plan, a location in mind and a crowd funding commercial is in the works.

He eventually went out of business and talking with him since he told me that one of his biggest regrets was jumping into the Warhammer merchandise unprepared and not 100% sure that customers could support that. The will be a semi or monthly book club to discuss the readings of the month or readings in general to embrace the community. I would like to have a number of community events to encourage people to stop by often.

Offer people who have pull lists with your store a percentage off. They'll buy more that way and be more likely to purchase things in addition to what they have pulled.

Make sure you have a somewhat decent stock of trade paperbacks.

After the trial, a juror told PVI’s attorneys that another juror had made anti-Semitic statements during jury deliberations.

The comments concerned a witness who testified on PVI’s behalf.

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