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Where the research will involve identifiable human participants, this should be considered early on in the degree as part of the research ethics approval process.If it can be done without compromising the value of the research, normally steps should be taken to mask the identity of any research participants.The Embargo Request Form should normally be submitted at the same time as you submit your thesis for examination; at the very latest, it should be submitted at the same time as you deposit the final version of your thesis following examination.Late submission of your request may result in your thesis being made available publically.Making theses publicly available also supports the UK Government’s open access principle that publications resulting from publicly-funded research - including research conducted in publicly-funded institutions such as universities - should be made freely available for all researchers.It is recognised though that in a very small number of cases it may be necessary to delay making a thesis publicly available; where needed, this can be done by placing the thesis under a temporary embargo.

Sponsored research students must comply with any conditions on the public availability of the thesis that are associated with the terms of their sponsorship.

The decision on whether or not to approve a thesis embargo request rests with the Director of the Doctoral College.

Embargoes will be approved only where there is a good reason for doing so.

Please allow at least twenty-eight days for your request to be considered.

The Doctoral College Office will advise you of the outcome of your request by email to your University email account.

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