Communication Essay Organizational Strategic

Underline or highlight key parts of the writing sample while discussion goes on.

Ask students, “If I want to know if this writing is using the process analysis or sequence organizational strategy, what elements am I looking for?You can use your own writing sample from a previous class or one from Stanford’s “Information about Expository Writing” Web site Ask, “Could I have a volunteer to read the problem/solution excerpt?Underline or highlight key parts to the essay while discussion goes on.Have students complete their graphic organizer for this writing sample.Students will: Tell students: “You have found a topic in which you are invested.You have refined that topic; you know the purpose for your writing and the audience.After students have completed this task, ask a representative from each group to share the group’s findings with the class.Ask students to explain why each strategy is or is not effective for the topic, purpose, and audience.Now it is time to think of organizing your information to be most effective.Your organizational strategy helps you decide HOW to present your information.

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