Compression Osteosynthesis Mandible French Writing Coursework

Mechanical devices- wires, rods, pins, screws and plates.

4/21/2013 FAMUREWA & OLADEJO 3INDICATIONS Trauma- facial bone fracture Orthognathic surgery Reconstruction of craniofacial deformities Reconstruction of bony defects 2 ͦ to ablative tumour surgery.

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Our MODUS range offers a variety of solutions for trauma, osteotomy, distraction, and reconstruction cases.

Augmentation of atrophic mandible in the elderly Iatrogenic -2 ͦ to anterior/lateral mandibulotomy 4/21/2013 FAMUREWA & OLADEJO 4HISTORY Hippocrates(460-375 BC) - use of gold wires, linen thread & strips of leather for treating mandibular fractures.

Gilmer(1881) - two posts adjacent to fracture line & lacing their ends with wire.

A retrospective study was performed on 35 patients who had a total of 43 fractures of the mandible that had been treated using bone plates for internal fixation.

The data suggest that the procedure has a high degree of success and low rate of morbidity.

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