Context Clue That Requires Critical Thinking Skills To Unlock Meaning

At the summit of Bloom's Taxonomy is the word “create.” Whether you will need to come up with solutions for problems at work, write an original essay, or improve your lifestyle, you will need to use critical thinking skills to reach these goals.Often we are unaware of just how much we search for meaning while we are reading and how much meaning we can find just from the grammar of the sentence, previous knowledge, and our own vocabulary we have acquired already.For instance, if you read a recipe for making banana bread and then you went ahead and used the recipe to make a few loaves of banana bread, you have just applied your newly acquired cooking skill!When you compare what you read with something else or ask questions about what you have just read or heard, you are analyzing it.

For example, when you are critiquing a book, you are evaluating what you have read.

Each level builds upon itself very much in the same way our reading strategies build upon one another.

Along with reaching for the stars, take your thoughts up to the highest heights.

Benjamin Bloom presented how important that Critical Thinking be addressed in education and illustrated how lower end mental skills such as remembering and understanding can be further developed to higher end mental skills such as analyzing, evaluating and creating.

His building blocks of Critical Thought are referred to: Bloom's Taxonomy. Whenever you use knowledge you have learned, you are applying your knowledge.

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