Cooper Homework

They show that it helps children’s comprehension, creativity, and overall education improve.

And these changes start “as early as the second grade.” Or, looking at it another way, that’s good news for kindergarteners.

But, with the Internet being the Internet, misinformation spread quickly.

Cooper says that someone initially looked at his research and, without ever consulting him, homed in on one section of the study.

The act of bringing home assignments — especially during elementary school — arms kids with good habits and life-skills.

“It shows kids that learning takes place everywhere,” says Cooper.

A kid who’s sitting at the kitchen table doing homework is a kid who’s fostering good life habits (and, probably doodling a whole lot).

But as their child went into the first grade and brought homework home and they saw it for themselves. “You’ve got to be ready to give guidance,” Cooper says.Even though he found homework helps students succeed overall, Cooper didn’t find much of a correlation at the grade-school level.“In elementary school,” his study states, “homework had no association with achievement gains.” Some advocates used that phrase to write whole books damning homework.At the beginning of this school year, a story about a Texas elementary school teacher banning homework went viral. Soon, teachers from Portland, Oregon to Farmington, Minnesota started sending kids home without nightly assignments.Hell, even an entire Massachusetts school district planning to do away with homework completely.In fact, Alfie Kohn’s The Homework Myth, says that sentence should be “e-mailed to every parent, teacher, and administrator in the country.”MORE: Father Outraged After His Daughter Receives ‘Highly Inappropriate’ Question on Her Anatomy Homework That sentence was merely a small part of a much larger, and more positive, analysis.But that didn’t stop that narrative from spinning out of control.So every time you see an article about homework use the phrase “research shows,” it’s almost certainly referring to those 2 studies.Yet Cooper says his research has been grossly misrepresented and he’s #teamhomework all the way."Homework has been a popular topic among education critics and would-be school reformers in recent years.Comparisons of American schooling practices with those of Europe or Japan frequently conclude that American students do not do enough homework, and calls for more homework commonly appear in the literature of the back-to-basics movement and the school improvement movement, as well as in the school reform guidelines issued by various commissions and governmental agencies.

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