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In order to reach higher level cognitive thinking, high school students must learn to solve problems of a more abstract, open-ended nature.

If done in an appropriate manner, objective disagreement can be a great tool to help students sharpen their thinking skills.

A good place to start is with evidence, which is what many of the new tests plan on incorporating into their structure.

Using evidence — the ability to support and explain your point — is not only a good way to measure rigor, but an important skill for students to learn.

If you ask your students “What year did Bill Clinton first get into politics,” they can find the answer with a quick Google search; however, if you ask your students the conversation-generating question “Based on his politics and personality, do you think Bill Clinton would perform well as the CEO of Apple,” your students will have to rely entirely on their knowledge and reasoning.

Questions that require students to evaluate evidence and consider multiple perspectives will help them to develop their critical thinking skills.

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