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Donnelley & Sons Cover: Ann Cutting, Getty Images Credits: The credits section for this book begins on page 529 and is considered an extension of the copyright page. WELCOME TO THE NINTH EDITION Yes, we know: nine editions. See the chapter-by-chapter listings following for a more detailed look at what’s new. T54M66 2008 160—dc22 2008014434 The Internet addresses listed in the text were accurate at the time of publication.As we get older (Moore comments on Parker’s wrinkles; Parker wonders what became of Moore’s hair), it is more and more important to remember that what’s moderately recent news for us is ancient history for most of our students.As previously indicated, we’ve extended that process in this edition, with ample evidence of how photos and other images can mislead us as well as teach us. There is also a separate section in Chapter 5 devoted to the manipulation of belief accomplished by the manipulation of images. Presentation We are constantly trying to seek the correct balance between explication and example.There are more than 100 color photographs included in this edition—many of them the subject of analysis either in the caption or the accompanying text. It’s a political year as this edition emerges, and printed pages and television screens abound with images designed to make one candidate look better than another: Obama is presidential; no, Obama is wishy-washy. We rely both on our own classroom experience and on feedback from instructors who use the book in getting this balance right.Of course a lot of instructors do follow the organization as we set it out, taking the chapters more or less in order.

It incorporates so many different skills (see the list in Chapter 1) that even defining the subject is much more difficult than doing so for most others.This time, we’ve gone back and cleared up the treatment of several important concepts, but illustrations and examples continue to have a very strong presence.According to our own experience and that of many reviewers, the latter contribute greatly to the book’s readability, especially when incorporated into real-life stories.But, in the long run, these skills are all aimed at making wise decisions about what to believe and what to do.Furthermore, we believe that the subject is best taught by integrating logic, both formal and informal, with a variety of other skills and topics that can help us make sound decisions about claims, actions, policies, and practices.This phenomenon requires a lot of replacement to keep names familiar to students cropping up in the book from time to time.(After sneaking Paris Hilton’s name into the eighth edition three times, we were delighted to see her still in the news—make that “news.” She gets a photo this time.) There are still some important names from the past—Ronald Reagan is now moving into mythology, but at least the name is familiar—and of course not all references require familiarity on the part of the reader.In early editions, we sometimes overdid it with lecture-type explanations.Lately, we’ve relied more heavily on illustrations and, where possible, on real-life examples.But we hope the effort to include familiar names will make it easier, as we said last time, to teach critical thinking without having to provide history lessons as well. We try throughout the book to defeat the tendency of such packaging to influence what we think about its subjects.Visuals In the previous edition, we went to full-color photographs and pointed out how such visual material could color our beliefs and attitudes just as it colors the image on the page. But whether it’s politics, advertising, or some other area in which visual images affect our judgment, we think you’ll find material here that will help you make your point.

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