Crown Mill Writing Paper

It really is fountain pen friendly, and although I know some people who hate the laid texture, I really like it.It's very tactile, and I feel like I'm Anne from Anne of Green Gables.It doesn't matter if there's a few lines, or if it's ten pages. The Original Crown Mill Writing Set is just that - a set!

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Guide sheets can be seen through both, although I find it a little easier to see through the Triomphe paper.Lightly striated, this timeless paper is ideal for all traditional correspondence such as personalized stationery, social invitations, etc.This paper has a smooth natural matte surface, uniform color and durable weight.I thought the Clairefontaine Triomphe set had a more playful feel to it, because it wasn't laid, and the simple way it was packaged. I just thought decorating it with some fun washi tape (or stickers and stamps, if that's your thing) would look neat.Pair that up with some colorful gel ink pens - like the Sakura Gelly Roll pens - and you've got a nice colorful letter and envelope!After our launch in 2007, Milligram quickly grew to become Australia's leading online stationery store.Mishka at Bureau Direct asked if I'd be interested in doing a little paper comparison between Clairefontaine Triomphe and Original Crown Mill - both fountain pen friendly, but both very different in style. Crown Mill is generally considered to be one of the most distinguished writing papers in the world and this beautiful correspondence set is made from their flawless laid paper, perfect for fountain pens.This isn't a formal review, just a little write off! The great thing about snail mail is even before your recipient opens and reads your letter, they'll be elated that you even thought of them, and spent the time to send them a note. The set contains 40 sheets of A5 paper and 40 C6 lined envelopes all presented in a gold or silver gift box with Crown Mill foil stamped on the front.Writing a letter can be intimidating, because you don't know where to start, what to say, and you may feel like your handwriting isn't good enough. I know this because this is how I feel when I receive a letter. Available in either white (silver box) or cream (gold box), this is a really lovely set, ideal for letter writing and a beautiful gift.The Triomphe is a bright white paper, whereas this particular Crown Mill is off-white.It isn't yellow, but to me, it gives it a little more of an antique look, which is romantic and classy - perfect for a beautifully written letter (which I do not demonstrate here, sorry).

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