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This essay is an autobiographical survey of exciting and potentially fulminating chemistry in the author’s laboratories since 1955 – all involving the elements nitrogen or sulfur or both.The graphic illustrates the ignition of the Zn S rocket propellant.Polymer acids were used to control the growth the zirconium-based metal–organic framework Ui O-66.In contrast to Ui O-66 modulated by small molecules, structurally analogous polymer acids provide small particle sizes and narrow size distributions over a wide concentration range, including highly sub-stoichiometric.Theoretical modelling of this useful reagent suggests certain parallels between N→B dative bonding in amine boranes and the dative N→S bond of the Burgess reagent.These bonding and reactivity features are evident in the solid state structure of the Burgess reagent.Theoretical investigation has determined halogen bonding as the source of this novel interaction..

The synthesis uses several continuous-flow steps to increase sample throughput and was used to prepare approximately 0.5 kg of the material over several batches in Platinum has been an almost uniquely important element in the history of coordination chemistry.coordination polymer has a topology related to that of a 12,3 net.Removal of guest solvent produces a crystalline phase which chemisorbs, stepwise, two equivalents of ammonia per Cu site to produce a mauve adduct which is stable up to ~150°C before the reversible desorption of the chemisorbed NHThe Burgess reagent is reexamined to shed light on its structure and reactivity.Here, we report the use of a cobalt-based and an iron-based redox couple to investigate the effect of solvent on the Seebeck coefficient, diffusion rate, and cell performance.2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT 2019), as declared by the United Nations General Assembly.This invited paper on boron is one in a series of essays about the chemical elements.Nanoparticle delivery systems have significant potential to improve the delivery of many therapeutics.However, they are limited by their ability to effectively migrate through the roadblocks inherent within a biological system.Australian Journal of Chemistry - an International Journal for Chemical Science publishes research papers from all fields of chemical science, with a focus on multidisciplinary chemistry and emerging areas of research.Using theoretical modelling alongside experiments we explored the effects of mutations and environment on the structure and aggregation propensity of several types of amyloidogenic peptides and proteins by a variety of computational approaches.This paper reflects on the circumstances that can contribute to the notorious ‘scissor graph’ for the relative percentages of women and men in different career stages of STEM, and discusses what needs to change to overcome this ‘wicked’ problem.Strategies involving the use of metalloligands have increasingly been applied to the synthesis of a variety of metallosupramolecular cage assemblies.

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