Description Of The Weather Essay

For parties and nights out, people dress in many different styles, from casual jeans to glamorous outfits.

If it's a more formal evening event, such as a university ball, this might mean wearing a dress or suit and tie.

In just one day, you might have warm sunshine, rain and cold wind.

Wear several layers so you can put them on or take them off as the weather changes, and always carry an umbrella.

Many clothes shops offer student discounts with a valid National Union of Students (NUS) card your university ID card.

You will see all kinds of fashion at UK schools, colleges and universities, and almost anything goes.

In terms of spatial distribution, rainfall is higher over the northern and western parts of Singapore and decreases towards the eastern part of the island (Fig 4).

Compared to countries in the temperate regions, temperatures in Singapore vary little from month to month and also from day to day.

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Many of its climate variables, such as temperature and relative humidity, do not show large month-to-month variation.You can avoid the expense of buying formal wear by hiring it from a local shop or outfitters.The weather in the UK is rarely extreme, but it can change quickly.In general there is little difference between the regions of the UK, but you will experience more snow, rain and wind in northern and mountain areas.Most UK towns and cities have a large range of shops selling clothes to suit all styles and budgets.You might experience beautiful sunshine, blustering winds and drizzling rain – all in one afternoon!But with the right clothes and the right attitude, you can enjoy the UK, whatever the weather.Students usually dress casually during the day – jeans and t-shirts are fine – and more smartly if you’re going out in the evening. Some courses require you to wear specialist clothing for health and safety.For example if you are in a science laboratory, you may need to wear protective glasses and a white lab coat.The driest month is February which is during the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon when the rain-belt has moved further south to affect Java.Rainfall in Singapore shows a marked diurnal variation (Fig 3), with rainfall occurring more frequently during the daytime, particularly in the afternoons when solar heating is strongest.

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