Descriptive Creative Writing Examples

It's weird because the first time he did it I forgave him, I did.

Using those description banks within these sample stories will help them to develop their work further and enable them to embed their thoughts so they can deliver properly on the day.

And then the second time he neglected to tell me and the third I just plain ignored. Thank you c: I wrote it a while ago and it's a bit short but (it was an exercise in class not an exam) but it should be okay. Far out on the inexhaustible horizon of the sea my bloodshot eyes could just about pinpoint a flailing shape.

And he swore to me he'd never do it again, he promised.

When developing your descriptions banks these are useful areas to think about: Animals – Typically describe your pet or your favourite animal or an animal you are frightened of.

Be prepared to be use literary devices like personification or exaggeration or even simple similes to bring your description to life.

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