Descriptive Essay City Current Event Essay

This part of NYC encompasses museums and historical attractions such as prominent Historic Richmond Town where anyone may play the role of a person of the 19th century.

Moreover, this place combines sunny beaches and the biggest and coolest forest preserve of the city.

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New York Botanical Garden will amaze you with the beauty of rare flowers and plants and the Bronx Zoo is going to immerse you in the atmosphere of wildlife. The Bronx is called “real Little Italy”, by the way.

Check our essay on American culture to get more information: 3. The Big Apple can boast its staginess of the onstage and musical life.

Dozens of theaters open their doors for visitors in Broadway.

Considering the contrast between nations, religions, sights, and territories that the city represents, the feeling of unity there is quite impressive.

This contrast is based on the grounds of respect and friendship.

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