Deviance Social Control Essays

We are now faced with images of criminal activity, whether that be large scale operations such as terrorism or drug trafficking or small scale like youth crime and delinquency, everyday of our lives and the trend in this seems to be on the rise.

The sense of the immediacy of crime and deviance through the intervention of the media has made it an important political issue.

By involvement he was not referring to emotional entanglements.

By belief he did not mean a significant inner faith or a deep belief in something or someone. Other criticisms with social control theory in general say that they fail to be effective in explaining adult criminal behavior and serious instances of youth crime.

These theories all explain deviance in terms of the individual’s social relationships (Orcutt 2010).

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There are four variables as to why individuals conform; according to Hirschi lack of attachment, commitment, involvement and belief (Hirschi 1969).

One of the biggest weaknesses of the theory mentioned is the fact that it places to much importance on the bonds relative to an individual and society, without looking at bigger concepts like autonomy and impulsiveness (Mc Grath 2009). "Social Structure and Anomie." American Sociological Review, 1938: 672-682. "Sociological Theory and Social Control." American Journal of Sociology, 1975: 82-108.

Social control theory was Hirschi’s major sociological contribution to criminology; similar in importance to strain and differential association.

The Blair government’s dictum of being “Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime” has become a cliché of the contemporary political scene but one that seems to have found favor with public opinion.

A recent MORI poll, for instance, concerning the public’s attitudes towards the area of crime and delinquency reveals that almost 45 per cent of those poled thought that their concern of crime had “Increased a lot” over the last few years and that 46 per cent had lost confidence in the police and the social services ability to deal with its victims.

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