Different Ways To Write Your Name On Paper

Today we’ll talk about teaching your child to write his or her name.

Before you have your child practice name writing with a pencil, you’ll want to do a lot of hands-on activities to help him recognize and form the letters of his name.

It helps to improve the development of children’s fine motor skills, pencil grip and posture.

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Plus, preschoolers might not be ready to grip the pencil and be able to write in this way yet. Okay, quick disclaimer, I know that just sounded like I know what I’m talking about, and kind of sounds like it’s from a teacher’s perspective, but it’s not. Making name writing practice a hands-on experience can be so much more meaningful.

After a month of this, your child may surprise you by writing his name just the right size!

At this point, if you’d like, you may introduce writing on a plain line and then – if it doesn’t frustrate your child – basic handwriting lines.

However, if your child is close to entering kindergarten, please know that that children enter school writing their names with a capital followed by lowercase letters.

In the sample images below, you’ll see capital letters throughout the name…

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