Disadvantages Of Case Studies In Nursing Education

The presence of summative evaluation is a motivator as it assists the individuals and offers them an opportunity to develop a learning environment.This is an evaluation meant for learning and is based on the outcome.

Formative evaluation deals with small areas of content as it an ongoing process.Whereas with summative evaluation we can understand how the student is performing and assigning the grades3.The formative evaluation process helps in improving a student’s learning capacity or skill.By these ways, the teacher can make out if the students have learned and understood the subject.An assignment is said to be a summative one by the way it is utilized and not by the design of the test, assignment or by self-evaluation.Moreover, course-placement decisions are also made with summative evaluation.The results of summative evaluations are ones that are recorded as scores or grades into the students’ academic records.The outcome of the summative evaluation is considered as a boosting factor when it’s positive.With this type of evaluation, confidence is boosted and also they act as a springboard to certain behavior change at a workplace or institution.And summative evaluation is considered more of a product.There are numerous advantages when a summative evaluation is considered in the academic arena. The summative evaluation follows certain strategies for evaluation by means of assignments, tests, projects and more.

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