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Please send/leave us your licentiate and doctoral thesis as a pdf-file ready to be printed, via email to [email protected] on a UBS-memory (feel free to divide your work into several pdf-files if easier but number them so it is clear in what order they shall be placed).If you have articles that only exist on paper we can help you to scan these.Search for dissertations from Linnaeus University in Di VALinnaeus University's newest dissertations can be found near the library entrances, and all dissertations can be found in One Search.Search for dissertations internationallt in World Cat World Cat offers access to dissertations from universities and institutions around the world.The library houses many of its older and lesser used print materials at the High Density Library (HDL).Access to material stored at the HDL is through the Library's Online Catalogue and you must place a hold to have the material brought to any library on campus.In order for us to guarantee delivery on time we need at least 17 working days production time in total for a dissertation, please contact us even earlier to make the planning easier. 17 working days before delivery: Contact us so that we can place an order. We help you with the design of this if you wish, but you ought to have made a sketch of your own or have an idea of how it should look.The total number of pages of the dissertation should be known ( /- 10 pages).

Here below some general tips follows for the design of the dissertation.In addition, there are extensive holdings at The Military Museums Library and Archives focused on military history and the Canadian military experience.The archaeology collection at the University of Calgary supports the teaching and research needs of the B. You can limit your search to only include, for example, doctoral theses.You can also search for dissertations in the national library catalogue LIBRIS.12 working days before delivery: Here we want to have the pdf-files of the rest of the dissertation(coat, articles and nailing page), and the cover should be approved for printing.You get a page proof of the inside in a couple of days, and you get the possibility to make corrections.You will find all Swedish theses 1855–1957 here by searching alphabetically by the author's name.Before 1855, they are registered selectively by supervisor name.Please contact us for help with searches and requests.Request an inter-library loan(available within LU)Search for theses from the USA and some European countries. There are full texts from 1997, and you can order theses yourself for a fee.

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