Document Based Essay Introduction Scientific Spirit Essay

Before you read, you should organize your thoughts and what you know about the time period in question. There really is no one right amount of time to spend on each step.

While you read, you should annotate the documents in order to: 1. Understand the bias of the document’s author, and 3. After you read, or as you write, you should have a clear thesis statement. Some people, who are relatively fast readers, may spend less time reading the documents and more time writing.

You will be asked to respond to some historical prompt that will require you to use the documents as evidence in your response.

The great thing about a DBQ is that a lot of information you need to answer the question is in the documents themselves – score!

I will be taking you through the 2015 sample the College Board provided for students to practice, but, as you will see in a second, it’s important that you practice as much as possible in order to read the documents quickly. overseas expansion in the late 19th and early 20th century. Perhaps what he was saying was not popular enough to get enough votes.

After all, you wouldn’t start playing a game before you know the rules, right?

Those sections are: *#3 could also be titled “As you write” since, after you read, you will be putting together your essay.

The point of breaking down your time into these three sections is to make sure that you are thinking of your approach to the documents (before you read) and your reading of the documents (while you read) as a part of your writing process.

I know that your instinct will be to see the clock and think, OH MY GOSH, I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO BE DOING ALL THIS PREP WORK, MS. Fight that instinct, because these steps will help you write a more coherent essay. You have quite a few documents to make sense of in a short amount of time. When you are writing your DBQ, usethe five paragraph essay to your advantage.

But, as you are reading as fast as you can, you should be actively annotating the document for the following: You will have to practice this multiple times to get good at it; there’s really no way around that. I am sure you know lots of other things that could turn this answer into a novel, but the most important thing for this task is to make sure that you get enough of your ideas on the page so that your APUSH exam scorer knows that you know.

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