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While probably not as meaningful as their video game level, students will be more excited to answer questions about themselves than a generic worksheet.

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Many students thrive on positive reinforcement and also many may feel guilt if they let their classmates or teacher down.Third, some students may be quite unhappy when being mandated to do specific work.Therefore, teachers should stress the choices a student gets when completing their homework and that students get to complete the work that best reflects their own sense of self.There are several families who appreciate having the flexibility of getting homework done around their schedule and not tied down to such a tight deadline.As a result, I've experienced a higher completion rate of homework when it's checked on a weekly vs. The front cover page serves as a checklist for students to complete throughout the week.Additionally, as many teachers know, a word of encouragement or a small sticker can make the difference to many.When at last it comes time for homework collection, there will be students who did not complete the assignment, no matter how well it was set up.Compared to other years, I saw an increase in oral reading fluency (ORF) progress, and confidence while taking computerized reading tests.My students also showed WAY MORE stamina when it came to the LOOOOONNNNGG reading passages they were assigned!Most students have a homeroom, study hall, or other downtime during the day in which they could complete activities, they just have to be motivated to do it.Many studies cite “student choice” as one of the most important factors in inspiring students to learn.

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