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The image of the frightful goblins, whether persisting from the childhood threats or presented in other poems and stories Dickinson read, was significant enough to become part of Dickinson’s poetic repertoire, and she enlists the goblin as a supporting character in poems that depict extreme psychological torment.The terrifying creatures of her poems stand in stark contrast to the harmless goblins invoked to warn young Dickinson of the forest’s dangers.Dickinson was not the only poet to feature goblins in the nineteenth century, and a brief look at some of the goblin’s other literary appearances provides a sense of context for the term.

Wardrop notes the “subcluster of goblin poems,” seeing them “as the denominator of all [Dickinson’s] gothic” and uses the goblin as a “presiding antiprotagonist” of her investigation of Dickinson’s Gothic imagery (3).We seek critical essays by undergraduates from institutions of all kinds, focusing on Dickinson’s poems or letters. To submit an essay for the prize, copies of articles as anonymous word attachments were sent, plus a cover letter with contact information to the following address by May 1, 2015: [email protected] essays were distributed electronically to a panel of nationally recognized scholars for judging, and Rebekah Davis, a senior English major at Seattle Pacific University, is our first undergraduate essay prize winner.She wrote the paper for Susan Van Zanten's upper–division course.Emily Dickinson’s eighteen hundred or so poems span a variety of subjects, but critics and readers alike have been drawn to her depictions of the darker experiences of life. Interactive EDIS Group site for discussion of events, publications, performances and other public witnesses about reading Dickinson, about reading poetry.EDIS Fan site, with information about events, publications, and other announcements. In 2015, the Emily Dickinson International Society launched a prize for undergraduate research on Emily Dickinson. The winning essay will be published on the EDIS website and the author will receive an award of 0.Wardrop interprets the goblin as Dickinson’s “gothic villain” (71), performing “the roles of father/Father/lover/Master/-lawyer/Death/surgeon/editor/critic/rapist” (84). Brantley takes a less multifaceted reading and instead sees the assaulting goblin of “The Soul has Bandaged moments” (Fr 360) as “the usurping Goblin of death” that separates the two lovers (37).David Cody reads the same poem as Dickinson’s response to Harriet E.Critics have applied various interpretive frameworks to the image of the goblin itself, but very little has been said on how the four major goblin poems are in conversation with each other.The appearance of the goblin character links the four poems together and reveals that, though approaching the matter from different subjects, the poems represent four attempts to come to terms with a horrific trauma.

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