Environmental Graphic Design Case Study 10000 Word Essay

Since case studies are so powerful — going beyond simple testimonials and work screenshots — spending the time and effort to create an effective, well-done study pays for itself many times over.

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Here’s a good example from the folks at Erskine Design.Whoever your ideal client is, and whatever the reasons, start there.Once you’ve got your ideal client in mind, think about similar clients you’ve already helped.Maybe it’s someone in the music industry because of all those record-label internships you had in college.Or maybe you want to attract people in the healthcare industry.This quick guide will cover how to make an effective case study for your portfolio.Here are the key components: The first step in any case study is figuring out who to write about.Show how sales increased by 20% because they hired you. This is incredibly important for those of us who handle a lot of SEO, SEM, or writing work.SEO MOZ has a very well-done case study that drives the point home.Case studies are a powerful tool in the creative industry.Being able to review your work, look at what you’ve accomplished, and learn from it is incredibly useful.

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