Essay About Wildlife Sanctuary Argumentative Essay On The Industrial Revolution

If you are visiting during the right season, you can enjoy bamboo rafting and jungle trekking.Top animals to spot are elephants, flying squirrels, macaques and others.The park covers a lush valley, which is famous for large animals like elephants, leopards, tigers, bears and others. You can enjoy elephant ride throughout the year inside the sanctuary.Kaziranga National Park is the name to exemplify the most popular conservation efforts to save the endangered species like one-horned rhinoceros in India.The park lies in the flood plains of Brahmaputra River and so every year the region is completely drenched with high water level; so do the wildlife gets affected by it too.And keeping such messy situation in mind, the park officials are always ready for every kind of provision for the safety of the jungle beings of Kaziranga.It was in the year 1905, June 1st that Mary Curzon proposed the idea of converting Kaziranga into a reserve forest by extending the area into 232 sq km.

To their matter of surprise they found no signs of rhinos in the concerned area which is known as the home to them and so she decided to put some serious efforts towards their conservation, sine poaching for their skin was on the heights during that time.

If you are visiting during the tourism season, you can camp inside the sanctuary with permission. The park is a heritage site famous forspoting king cobra, rollers, macaques and others. Trekking is allowed only for those who have received prior permission from the state forest department. The park covers hilly regions, which is a thriving place for elephants, sambhars, bears, leopards and others.

This park has a rehabilitation center for deers and elephants.

Thereare 143 species of orchids which will be at bloom during the early summer.

There are more than 1800 flowering plant species inside the sanctuary.

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