Essay Communication Barriers Relationship Writing An Honours Thesis

You might take your ability to communicate for granted but it is not a natural thing.

Your ability to communicate is learned and as you go through life, you get to refine and cultivate your skills to communicate.

The other principle of interpersonal communication is that it is irreversible and once you have said something, you cannot revoke it.

Whenever you say something to your partner, it is out and it will have an effect on your relationship.

Many people hold some misconceptions concerning effective interpersonal communication.

Individuals who are introverted generally demonstrate withdrawal from socializing with others.You cannot prevent the other person from deriving some meaning out of your behavior.For example, if you chose to give someone the silent treatment, that is still communication and the person will attach meaning to your silence.The first major barrier is noise, which is defined as “any interference with the intended message while a sender is trying to get his/her message across” (Kirst-Ashman, 2010, p.209).Noise prevents the message being sent from being received correctly by the receiver. Noise also creates a distraction making it hard for a person to concentrate on the communication since he/she has multiple stimuli to focus on.When you assume that interpersonal communication is a matter of common sense, you will assume that people intuitively know how to communicate.You will therefore be unwilling to consider that your partner might not be as skilled in communication as you are and this will lead to problems.A common misconception by many people is that interpersonal communication is natural and just a matter of common sense.While communication might seem like the most natural thing to do, effective communication might require skills (Kirst-Ashman, 2010).A key principle of interpersonal communication is that it cannot be avoided.Communication researchers assert, “You cannot communicate” (West & Turner, 2010, p. You and your partner are therefore bound to communicate even when you think you are being uncommunicative.

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