Essay On Clothes We Wear

You could call me a shop-a-holic, as most of my friends do, but I call myself a lover of fashion.Sitting in my room, I look in my closet at all my belongings and wonder what else I want to buy.Yet my friends and I still turn to advertising, now not only to stay in fashion but more so to find our own style.As in high school, advertising equates a certain personality with a style of clothing.I enjoy staying in fashion, not because magazines tell me I should but because I like to try new things and I like to be daring.

Everyone is growing and changing and beginning to learn who they really are.I remember scanning magazines with my friends and trying to get my hair to be shinier, my figure to be better, and my eyes to sparkle with makeup.We believed it all and went to CVS or to the mall to try to find the products the magazines had shown us.As I look back upon those middle school days, I am amazed at how concerned young people can be about their image.Children become so concerned at such a young age with being popular and looking beautiful.All the things I want and buy are influenced by what magazines, television, and other advertisers tell me I need to want and buy. They can be a statement, a style, or a definition of who you are. I never questioned how I looked, but I liked to dress up.In middle school, I became more concerned with my appearance, like most girls.Boys began to notice girls in high school, and all the girls wanted to look good to "get" a guy.Since the girls knew that boys were enamored by HOT looking models, what were girls to do but imitate that look?I cannot even count the number of useless products my friends and I bought to better our appearances, all of which were expensive.It was all pushed by what magazines promised would work.

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