Essay On Etiquette And Manners

All such actions may seem ordinary or unnecessary, but these little actions demonstrate a natural and careful consideration of the feelings and well-being of other human beings.Life, at least in my experience, is a mix of good and bad occurrences, so the simple act of caring can provide a tremendous relief for your average man or woman.The Japanese students often put their open palm behind their head when they were in a embarrassing or awkward situation.

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Their body language and speech tone are differentiated greatly depending on the person they are talking to.

There are many concepts such as age and rank that determine the actions of the Japanese people in society, and it is a very important part of the Japanese culture.

A very noticeable body language the Japanese people frequently used was pointing their finger to their nose when referring to 'me' or ' I'.

This gesture is known to be used widely in Asian countries, especially Japan.

This specific gesture is used in an embarrassing or frustrating situation to express how they feel.

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