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This is once a week for one period, its called “Silent Reading”.While we read silently we can listen to music to help us concentrate.For the students though, the rule that comes with the privilege is not to be rude while using their i Pod’s.While teachers have to speak with students they must not be using their i Pod’s, or when a teacher instructs them not to while in class. has all the ipod versions in this website The original ipod was in stores in June 2004. This Ipod had 20GB which was a lot for the first Ipod.It has a good seller in the stores, and it only came in one color.If they do obey this rule they could be rewarded with the privilege to use their i Pod’s during independent work in class, in hallways, at lunch and recess, during study hall, and before and after school.This would not interfere with the teacher’s lessons or conversations with a student.

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So far it has been the best seller and many teens have this Ipod more than any other As a result, of being caught with it ringing or on your body, you will receive an automatic detention.On the other hand, there is one class that we are able to bring in our i Pods and are able to listen to music silently for the period.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.People with the Ipod shuffle don’t have to worry about breaking the screen because it doesn’t have one.The Shuffle holds less then 4Gb, but did sell a lot so it wasn’t discontinued.Students can even download podcasts onto their i Pod for educational purposes.However, most teachers despise of this idea and think that it will get students off topic and not listen to them.It has been upgraded two times since it came out in January 11,2005.The shuffle comes in many colors and can be clipped on any where.

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