Essay On Pakistan My Beloved Country Essay For Psychology Grad School

The sentries guarding your cell can become your drivers, cooks and masseuses.

You can live in Pakistan without any papers or even a driving license for as long as you want if you keep Rs 200 in your wallet. Even dacoits and cell phone snatchers have a code of conduct.

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To counter the evil propaganda of our enemies, I will use my brush and pen single-handedly to defend my country’s honour and bring to light the best of Pakistan that was hidden for the last 65 years.Our traffic police is the most polite and cooperating in the entire world. They just admonish the law breaker and spare the offender the toiling task of court appearances and -Illustration by Sabir Nazar. The staff of the Tax department is so cooperative that they are willing to file your tax returns on your behalf. You can marry at your will and divorce at will too.There are no cumbersome procedures like the decadent west where you have to show all your assets, share them with your wife and pay for the maintenance of your children.The horrors that they speak of are so macabre, that my pen falters in the writing.The pitiless brutality against women and small children by organised bands of armed young men is more savage than anything witnessed in the riots that have shamed this nation from time to time during the past century.Some talk in low voices, others busy themselves with the tasks of everyday living in these most basic of shelters, looking for food and milk for children, tending the wounds of the injured.But once you sit anywhere in these camps, people begin to speak and their words are like masses of pus released by slitting large festering wounds.People who are contemplating leaving Pakistan as they consider we have hit the rock bottom of pit, should contemplate on my reasons to stay in Pakistan as I am a great patriot, contrary to some of my critics. Pakistan is the only country where you can get house maids, servants and drivers at a cost that is unimaginable in a foreign country.We don’t have to pay for their medical bills, insurance etc.What can you say about a family of nineteen being killed by flooding their house with water and then electrocuting them with high-tension electricity? A small boy of six in Juhapara camp described how his mother and six brothers and sisters were battered to death before his eyes.He survived only because he fell unconscious, and was taken for dead.

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