Essay On The Girl With The Pearl Earring Main Thesis Of The World Is Flat

It should be mentioned, that this model of jewelry is presented not only in “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” If we examine all the works that Vermeer painted, we can easily find out that such decoration is pictured in others paintings.

Among them “A Woman Brought a Letter by a Maid” could be named.

Though, there are no any historical facts that can force us to believe in this story as a true.“Girl with a Pearl Earring” is presently placed in The Hague, Netherlands and can be seen at the Mauritshuis Museum particularly in the Royal Picture Gallery which is the owner of mentioned masterwork.

Collected information about Vermeer states that he was one of the widely known Dutch Realists artists of the 17th century.

Creating a tonne, artists previously focused on the examination of models facial expressions.

Portraits mostly stated the person’s place in the society showing one’s status and religious membership.

The picture was later used as a base for the historical novel written by Tracy Chevalier.

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He was known for his home interiors: the window is always seen from the left for giving a light and a female just posing or doing a specific task.

She is wearing brown clothes that wrap her body, shoulders, and neck and contradicts with a white shirt underneath.

This kind of brown is a simple one and helps to decide that the girl correlated with the medial classes.

An artist was especially talented in picturing women’s heads, and this fact made him a famous portraitist. In this era, artists weren’t dictated what subject to pick up.

They could represent the taken subject in any way they wanted, bringing to the life new techniques and methods.

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