Essay Over Thailand

Animal teeth pinned to a wooden pillar: Honestly, as vegetarians we felt a little guilty for enjoying a place so full of animal death, but we couldn’t help but be impressed by the craftsmanship and vision in this unique place.

We can only assume/hope that the animals weren’t killed just to be displayed here.

Although it resembles a temple it isn’t a religious building and inside you’ll discover a long dark wooden table, animal skins hanging from beams, and an exhibition of contemporary paintings.

As at the White Temple is was the craftsmanship and attention to detail that impressed us – the graceful swirled peaks of the roof…

The Black House (Baan Dam) is located 10km north of Chiang Rai at Moo 13, Tambon Nang Lae, Ban Dhu.

It can be difficult to find and English signage is limited.

On our motorbike road trip to Burma we stopped in Chiang Rai and visited the extraordinary, ornate, dazzling White Temple.

Duchanee combines elements of traditional Thai architecture with influences from around the world and a contemporary twist.

If you follow these directions carefully you should be fine though.

It’ll be easier with your own transport or in a taxi.

Duchanee’s estate is a complex of 40 small galleries inside buildings of diverse architectural styles, spread out amongst the peaceful gardens.

They display his collection of artwork – sculptures, wood carvings, and furniture created by him, and collected from around the world. It has an organic feel with wooden structures housing many animal skulls, bones and skins.

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